Photo Feedback Week 2

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello bloggy friends! It's Monday again, and time for another Photo Feedback hop. If you missed out last week, be sure to join in this week! You don't have to post a photo to participate, but why not? We can all benefit from an unbiased eye and I love hearing new ways to improve my photos. Many times the feedback includes things I had already thought about in processing that I'd like to do better, but often I hear things I had not considered. 

It's easy to join in, just post a photo on your blog that you'd like critiqued, include the blog hop button and link up at Mom Tried It, or even right here. Then visit others and leave a thoughtful critique of their work. Try to include what you like about the image and why, as well as something you think might improve the photo. Think about composition, cropping, color, the subject and its relationship to the environment, the overall mood of the photo...anything you can offer. Be kind and be as specific as possible. Critiquing others helps to hone your eye as well - it's a win win so join in!

Here's my photo from this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

 Photo taken with my D5000 and 50 mm lens at ISO 100, f/4.0 SS 1/640 
on a cloudy afternoon around 1:30. 

Mom Tried It
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Kim said...

I like the black and white conversion and the lines in the sidewalk. They make great leading lines to the subject without taking away from her. I would suggest a little bit higher shutter speed to get her a little bit sharper. It would really wow if it was a tad crisper.
It is a great candid shot. It would have been an awesome portrait shot if you could have gotten her to look up (either at you or in the same direction she was looking). I also don't know if you even wanted a pose with this. So this could just be me talking useless stuff. Lol.

Anonymous said...

She is sweet! Nice candid shot...

photo by ansku said...

What a great shot, B&W works really well! I would also like to see this maybe a bit sharper, post processing might help also? Maybe the eyes /face could be a bit lighter too (I remember from a photopraphy course that the main focal point should be the lightest part of the picture).
The angle is great, and I like how you cropped it.
Lovely :-)

Julie said...

I like the angle of your shot. The concrete lines lead us nicely back to the subject. I think it might be even more powerful to shift the photo to the right, moving the girl out of the center of the photo. This photo make me curious - what has her attention? Thanks for sharing!


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