Project 366 Rewind

Monday, January 9, 2012

Here's my rewind for this week's Project 366. The prompt was Fresh Start. We had a fresh start with a new schedule: back to schooling and a new season of basketball/cheerleading. I'd love to share some pics of the first game, but the gym is so big and so dark, and my pictures came out terrible! I'll definitely have to work on my indoor sports photography!! Yikes. Fortunately the kids had a blast and the big guy won his first game. Sorry, you'll just have to *imagine* the smiles and cheers ;-/  But, here's the rest of the week:

Fresh Start:

 "Me and My Dad":

Trying to get a family photo with my mom, ha ha:

This is from our trip to the Science Museum of VA. I loved this walkway:

 My favorite 4 year old ;)
 Little Miss playing school:

Mommy's Survival Kit:

Anonymous said...

These are sooo great. I love them all but that last shot is so amazing. Looks like a fun and busy week. Thanks for linking up. Glad you are joining us. Can't wait to see your photos each week.

Lori said...

Love these! Those last two are awesome! She looks so serious about her pretend school work!


Gina Kleinworth said...

Okay- so first, I'm thrilled to have you join us today!!! Second- love that we were on the same page when it came to the calendar :) That second shot is so sweet, the hallway is fantastic, love little miss trying to do her own school & your survival kit- FABULOUS. I can live on that & would if I didn't have others requiring "real" meals - hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Nice set! The corridor is cool and Mommy's survival kit just sent me over the edge! Wednesday is my weekly Starbuck's treat! Two more days!

Tamar SB said...

These are great! Love the mommy survival kit!
Tamar - also linking up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great survival kit. This is a great week of pics, love the family portrait.

Jessica Griz said...

These shots are fantastic! Love the family photo attempt. Those are the most "real" aren't they? :)


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