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Monday, September 7, 2009

This week's blog hop topic is "Remembering 9/11." I was in Jury Duty. We were excused. I listened to the radio all the way home, confused and in disbelief. I sat glued to the tv at home. In shock and sickened. I received a call from my husband of 10 days. He was at work, as a search and rescue helicopter crewman in the Navy. There were sending him to DC. My father worked across the street from the Pentagon. The lines were jammed. I couldn't get a hold of anyone. It was a long, frightening, and very surreal day.
Where were you on 9/11?

Statistics From September 2002
The Pentagon & Flight 93
Washington & Shanksville

Total Deaths
All 9/11 Attacks 3,030
Total Injured
All 9/11 Attacks 2,337
Total Deaths 9/11 Attack
The Pentagon (Ground) 124
Total Injured 9/11 Attack
The Pentagon 76
American Airlines Flight 77
The Pentagon 64
United Airlines Flight 93
Shanksville, PA 40

The World Trade Center
New York City

*Total Deaths
WTC 9/11 Attack 2,801
Total Injured
WTC 9/11 Attack 2,261
Firefighter Deaths
WTC 9/11 Attack 343
Police Deaths
WTC 9/11 Attack 75
American Airlines Flight 11
WTC North Tower 92
United Airlines Flight 175
WTC South Tower 65
Statistics From September 2002
Source: CNN & Reuters
*In December 2002 the Total Deaths from the WTC Attack was revised to 2,792.
9/11 Online Memorial By Name

MckLinky Blog Hop

Laurie said...

I was a sophomore in college. I was already at school, and remember exactly who told me about it. Then came my turn to tell others who hadn't heard... Sad day!

Nina said...

One of those days that I will always remember. Always!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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