Updating My Space

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ever since I was laid off of my part time gig a few weeks ago, I have had a little more bloggy time. That's great because I enjoy it. It's my creative outlet. Not so great, however, because my part time job paid way more than I currently make blogging (Ah hem, feel free to visit my sponsors any time ;)
With all this new found bloggelation I figured it's about time I changed things up a bit around here. You may (or may not) have noticed that I've restructured my sidebars to be more user-friendly. I am also adding two new features that will post in the side bar on the left: our current reads, and a random daily tip. I plan to do a little more memeing, as it seems like a great way to meet other bloggers, as well as post more frequently. So, stay tuned for lots more fun, in fact, if you subscribe to my feed you are sure to never miss a bit of bloggy goodness.

Many thanks to my loyal readers. I LOVE you and appreciate all of your comments. Keep 'em coming. I love to know what's on your mind.

Peace and blessings!
Laurie said...

I always forget to click on all the sponsor buttons. I need to do that more often, so all my friends can make money while I'm sitting here! :)

Alison Kerr said...

Melissa, since you're looking to change up your blogging a bit, you might want to sign up for the 31 Day Blogging Challenge at Problogger.net. It's all about learning and growing your blogging, and figuring out how to make a little money (hopefully).


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