The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Monday, March 2, 2009

Today was an unusual day. It actually snowed here! The kids, especially my oldest, had a blast playing outside. It wasn't a lot of snow, by any means, but any snow on the ground here is unusual, so it is always exciting. It gave us a good reason to bundle up and brave the cold gray day and the snowball slinging and crunch underfoot was a welcome change of pace. We had a great time together and all got worn out. The kids went to sleep without a peep. That's the good. (I wish I had better pictures, especially since it was the first snow for Buggaboo and Bella, but someone's little fingers changed the setting on my camera and all I got was yuck.)

We've been on the wacky schedule for a few weeks with DH working nights. Well, not just nights, overnight. Most nights he leaves around dinner time and comes home at breakfast. He is in his final semester before graduation so he attends evening classes before work. Then, of course, needs to sleep all day. So, I run around all day shooshing every one while trying to keep up the house, train the puppy and throw in some education. It has been stressful. The only time I really get to myself is after the kids hit the sack and I'm exhausted. That is when I work and/or blog. I have been working part time as a virtual assistant and have enjoyed the work. I like contributing to the family income and it makes me feel like more of an adult. Plus, the extra income has really come in handy.
Unfortunately, today I was effectively laid off. There is no more work for now and for the forseeable future. That's the bad news.

The ugly? There is no chocolate in this house.
Laurie said...

Ah man, that stinks!! Hopefully, the joy of the snow outweighs everything else!


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