Preparing for Tricks and Treats

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have always loved Halloween. What great fun it is to dress up and be someone else for a day! Fabulous memories from my youth remind me what life was like when kids could roam the neighborhood trick or treating and the biggest worry on anyone's mind was getting spooked by pranksters. Were we lucky in that my grandmother was a drama teacher and we had this great trunk of old suits, hats, dresses and such from which we created our costumes. What a creative contest it was to come up with the best idea.
In my single days, I loved getting "in character" and playing it up at Halloween Parties. And, though I rarely don a costume anymore, Halloween remains one of my favorite holidays.
As we decorate and pick out costumes with the kids, the anticipation and excitement grow. I looked back at some of my favorite pictures from Halloweens past and decided to post them here.

If you have written a post on Halloween, please leave a comment with a link so we can all share ideas. I'd love to see how you all celebrate!
Amy Dingmann said...

LOVE the pictures! Halloween is also our favorite time of year...but I can't for the life of me think of anything interesting that we do to celebrate. Two more cups of coffee and I'll be ready to talk...


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