So what's my story?

Friday, April 11, 2008

I am a native of southeastern VA. I was the middle child of three girls growing up in a Navy family. I attended public schools and hated every moment of it. My true love was ballet and I danced six days a week. It's what got me through the agony of adolescence. I have about two years of college credit and a Certificate in American Sign Language. (Glad I don't live in California...and yes I think I'm qualified to teach my kids.)

My work experience includes: clown (yes, that kind of wig, face paint and balloon animals), ballet teacher, nanny, retail sales, administrative assistant, and advertising production manager.

The most important things in the world to me are my family and friends. I adore spending time with my kids and watching them explore and grow. I have a loving husband who has been a wonderful support to me. We spend a lot of family time together and he is an amazing father. I also am madly in love with our Great Dane, Max. He's the sweetest and best dog any one could ask for (even if he does pace and whine during thunderstorms with a bed pillow in his mouth...this happens when the garbage men come too!)

As for my hobbies...they include sleeping, drinking coffee and now blogging. And I do love our family walks.

Ok, enough about me...

With this blog, and the website I'm creating...stay tuned for a link soon...I hope to connect with other like-minded parents out there and spark a great idea exchange on homeschooling and parenting. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions (kindly of course :P)
Doy said...

Hi girl! This is great. I was never a fan of homeschooling mostly b.c I didn't really know anything about it! This is a great way to show people what it is all about and to see you and the kids! Love it - keep up the good work. You are truely supermommy! Love and miss you,


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