Maxwell Marmaduke Rich

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Though he deserves a page of his own, I will try to give him ample billing here on my blog. He is very large, very sweet, and quite unique. From his multi-colored eyes to his pink and black padded paws, Maxwell Marmaduke is one of a kind. Living with Max is like having another person in the house. He wants to be wherever the family is, and likes to sleep on the kids' bed with a pillow under his head. He can sit on the couch with his rear on the cushion and feet on the floor (though this behavior is not encouraged). A celebrity in his own right, he gathers attention wherever we go. In fact, my husband wishes he had him when he was single...he's a total chick magnet.
When they see him, people often ask how much he eats. Truth is, he doesn't eat m
uch more than a lab would eat. We feed him about 2 cups of dry dog food twice a day. Then, of course, he likes to counter surf and gets his snacks by following the kids around while they eat. Still, it's not much considering his 165 pounds. I eat much more than he does. He drinks from the sink, and, when no one's looking, from the toilet.

Other comments we frequently get when we take him out include: "Why don't you just put a saddle on him and let the kids ride?" or "Is that a cow?" and often "What kind of dog is that?"

He is a Harlequin Great Dane, and though he is the size of a miniature horse, he can't be ridden (the kids have tried). We got him when he was headed to the local Great Dane Rescue after the family who purchased him as a puppy decided they could no longer keep him. He is 5 years old. Hardly a puppy, but still full of spunk...most days.


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