Friday Photo Journal, December 9, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy Friday! Another week down and holy time warp, Christmas is coming so soon! I can't believe it. I have been chained to my desk editing and it feels like life is passing me by.

Little Miss was chomping at the bit to bake Christmas cookies, so I did take a break to bake some gingerbread cookies. Not from scratch (shame), but the girls had fun decorating them nonetheless. I snapped a few quick shots of our brief baking adventure and that's about all I have captured this week. I am nearing the end of my editing marathon and I can't wait to be free!!!

How has your week been?

Thank you for visiting! Have a fantastic weekend. :)

Gina Kleinworth said...

Ahhh we made cookies too. It was nice to make something without the intention to photograph it. However, I did end up using them for a post after all & was sure happy I made them :)

Thinking of you mama!! I didn't get to cards this year - in fact, have not even photographed the kids since last year. I'm completely failing at documenting their lives & it's just passing me by.

Mitzi said...

awe...such a fun thing for the girls to do together. Bet your home smelled absolutely yummy when all the baking was done!

Unknown said...

Yes, it is! I am looking forward to baking cookies for Santa with my baby girl for the 1st time.


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