Not So WW - With Photos

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here it is Wednesday again. I've lost track of time and nearly lost my mind. This week has been beyond busy, and difficult. I had a mountain of work to begin with, and then realized I had made an idiotic mistake and had to redo half of the mountain of work I spent several late nights furiously working to finish over the weekend. So there you go - double mountains for me. 

In an effort to keep this poor neglected blog limping along, I thought I'd at least post a peek at what I've been working on.  I've had no time to shoot or edit personal pics - so this is all business related for my photography biz- Melissa Bliss Photography
A bright spot in my day though - today I get to go visit my sweet new niece and take photographs - yay!

Here are a few of the sessions I've been working on:

Tamar SB said...

I am always in awe of how gorgeous and amazing your pictures are!!

Gina Kleinworth said...

You have been so busy. But these are nothing short of absolutely STUNNING!!! I love seeing all of them.


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