Project 13 - Blog Circle - A Family Affair

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Welcome to this month's installment of a collaborative photo project I am thrilled to be participating in with several talented photographers. This project concentrates on focusing on our everyday moments. 
Our theme this month is "a family affair."  Well, it isn't often that I take a photograph that includes our entire family in one shot. In fact, I believe it is exactly once a year - hmmm, that really needs to change!  Our annual Christmas photos are the only time I get into the frame with everyone all at once. And frankly, it is quite a chore, which is probably why I don't attempt it more often. 

This year we didn't make it to our usual spot in Colonial Williamsburg as is our tradition. Life just got in the way as I was working every weekend and we couldn't find the time. Instead, we ventured out to a local university campus and spent 20 minutes with a tripod as I ran back and forth setting the timer. Nope, I do not own a remote, but it's definitely on my wish list!  While I wasn't thrilled with the images we took, I managed to get an acceptable one, and to me, it's priceless because we are all in it together. 

I hope you will continue around the blog circle and visit my talented friend Erin.

Thanks for visiting today. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!

Tamar SB said...


Filip and Kristel said...

Great family picture. Congratulations.


Gina Kleinworth said...

Just received it today when I arrived home. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous family you are! Love you so much my friend! Merry Christmas.

Streets of Tribeca said...

Beautiful photo!

Streets of Tribeca said...



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