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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Well, it has been a few weeks since I have managed to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. I have missed it! I finally got my act together this week so here goes...

 Wild- I shot this out of the hotel window when I was shooting the wedding with Sarah. Sandy was pulling into town:

Welcome - welcoming Halloween:

Adventure - we took an impromptu drive into the city and the kids loved the adventure:

Vibrant - this was also taken in the city. We found a new park:

Classic - my mom moved into town a couple of months ago and has given me boxes of things I grew up with. These books from my childhood are such a treasure!:

That's it for this week. Thanks so much for stopping in.
Be sure to stop by Ashley's place for more Scavenger Hunt fun! 
Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Those are the very books from your childhood? I love it!

Buckeroomama said...

Books and toys from our own childhood passed down to our kids... *warm and fuzzy* LOVE.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What a great collection of photos.

I love the old books. What a gift to get them back. Did you even know that your mother had them?

Very dramatic photo of Sandy showing up.

I love the pic of the young one jumping in the park.

Nicki said...

Like the lighting on your Jack O Lantern shot. Great set.

Tish said...

great photos! love your jack o'lanterns!! so cute!

Ida said...

Great set. My favorites:
Adventure - He looks like he's having a grand one.
Wild - Cool scene
Vibrant - So colorful and cute.

Jen said...

I love the old Dr. Seuss books. My favorite was Are You My Mother?

Miranda said...

Wonderful set of photos! I really like the adventure shot (looks like a really cool park) and the colors in the vibrant shot are great (love the pink pants).

Amanda Jillian B said...

I love the shot of the pumpkin <3


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