Project 366 Rewind - Week 38

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey kids, it's time to rewind anohter week. Eek! They pass by so quickly. Here we are heading into October, and I can hardly believe I've almost completed a 365! I'm so thankful to Gina and Sarah for hosting this meme. It keeps me motivated to shoot and to document our daily lives. I know I will love looking back on these in years to come.
Here's what we were up to last week:

We celebrated my mom's birthday with a BBQ rib dinner. Yum!

I caught a pic of daddy and his girl.

Found some busy bees on my salvia.

Our new neighbor's cat likes to sun himself in our yard. Bella's not too keen on that.

I captured this toddler moment.

Mr. Man scored 4 goals in his game this week!

I enjoyed some of the first colors of fall.

That's it for last week. What have you been up to?
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Tamar SB said...

Happy birthday to your mom, hope you had a blast celebrating! Love that soccer action shot!!

MixedMolly said...

Looks like a busy and fun week!

Sarah Halstead said...

Beautiful photos!! Love them. The weeks are going quickly!

Gina Kleinworth said...

You sure captured some beautiful moments this week Melissa!!! I love that toddler moment & Mr. Man's soccer. That is awesome for him!

FilipBlog said...

Extreme beauty, congratulations.


LeiShell said...

Love the last picture. Great bokeh.

packmom said...

That BBQ looks so fun and relaxing--great deck! Love the toddler moment with the sippy cup and apple--too cute! I miss those days. Beautiful fall leave too. Ours just look brown and dead these days. No real color yet--it's not cold enough. Maybe in Oct.

Liz Mays said...

Mmmmm, BBQ and happy b-day to your mom. What's up with the cat taunting Bella by coming over? lol

Kim Cunningham said...

Love your black and whites! Gorgeous work. I also feel the weeks flying by. This time of the year I wish I had a big pause button some could enjoy autumn in slow motion.

Heather Jones said...

What a great idea! Amazing photographs!


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