Click It Up a Notch - May 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

I can hardly believe May has come and gone. And in a few days this girl will turn 7! My how time flies. Watching her little sister is like looking back in time and seeing my big girl grow up again. They are so much alike in many ways. But, the time goes much too quickly. It is so bittersweet to watch them grow up.
My favorite photo of May is this one I took just a couple of days ago of my big girl. She's sweet and sassy and so very helpful as my model :)  I adore her! 

Tomorrow is her birthday party. We'll be celebrating with her friends at a Spa party with pink cupcakes, lemonade and manicures. She's so excited! I've just put the finishing touches on the cupcakes and cake pops. Now, I'm off to bed. I am beyond tired, but can't wait to celebrate with her.

Click It Up A Notch
Sorry to babble on. It's been a loooong day. 
Thanks for stopping in. I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!
JipetSun said...

Hi ! What an exciting program ! You must have had e great time with her today :) Oh yes, I also felt that very short May .. Have a nice weekend :D

carol l mckenna said...

Fantastic photography ~ and she is so adorable ~ thanks ^_^

MeaganMusing said...

This is so sweet! I bet the birthday party was super fun! Sounds so girly - ha!


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