Oh Snap! Sunday Scavenger Hunt Gone Wrong

Monday, July 18, 2011

So, as I've mentioned before I am trying to learn more about photography and that takes lots of practice, right? To that end, I have found and been following some new photo memes...there are hundreds! I never knew. Anyway, last week I jotted down the theme for a photo challenge and set to work taking shots for each prompt: capture the sky, every day, furry, life and blurred. I noted that my post needed to be up between Sun and Tues and to link up at Ashley Sisk's site.

So, I sat down tonight after the kids were tucked in bed to get to work on editing my images and writing my post, only to realize that my prompts were all wrong. Not only were they NOT the prompts for Ashley's Sunday Scavenger Hunt for this week, but I can't find a post anywhere that to which these prompts would apply. Huh. Perhaps I was dreaming.

Ah well, such is my life. A blur of chaos and confusion. I'm posting my pics nonetheless. I hope someone out there enjoys them.

Capture the Sky:

Every Day:




~ Melissa
sheila said...

Thoroughly enjoyable! How the HECK did you capture that hawk!!!!!! That's a stunning shot!

Gina Kleinworth said...

That sky shot is beautiful! Hope you join us this weekend!

Gem said...

Great shots!

I love the pic w/the bikes!


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