Currclick's Secret Sale

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Have you heard? There's a secret sale going on at Currclick. I use their products often in our homeschooling and always love the freebies, who doesn't?! Right now they are having a secret sale. Here are the details:

Check out the Winter Whisper Freebies!

Winter Whisper Sale Right now at CurrClick, in this non-public location of our website, our Winter Whisper Sale and Giveaway is going on. 10 brand new freebies are being given away, 10 of our best selling publishers have discounted all their resources by 50% AND NOBODY knows about it but you. It's NOT on our homepage, it's NOT on our Facebook page, it's not anywhere but here.

It's hard to keep a secret though, right? And we're not going to make you. In fact, feel free to run off at the mouth as much as you would like. You can tell your Facebook and Twitter followers, your co-op, your neighbor, your newsgroups, even your strange Great Uncle. The only thing we ask you NOT to do is post the details on our Facebook page.

And what are the details?

1. The secret phrase is: "Shhhhhh CurrClick has a secret..." It will be fun to post this phrase in as many places possible. We want people to wonder what is going on!
2. The URL for the sale is: http// Feel free to give the secret URL and details to whomever you like. Encourage them to start whispering too. You can give them the secret phrase, the URL and all the details so they can help pass along the word to all their co-ops, friends, family and all their weird Great Uncles too.
3. CurrClick's Winter Whisper Sale ends January 19th.

People say that word of mouth is powerful in the homeschool community. Let's find out!

Shhhh... well, not really!

Liz Mays said...

That's a fun sale! I wish I had kids to homeschool still!


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