Got Snow? Here are some learning links for frosty fun.

Monday, December 27, 2010

We've had a record snowfall here. The third largest in our area in the last 100 years. And snow on Christmas day? That's never happened before here, at least not in the 37+ years that I've been here. It's been so beautiful to see and loads of fun playing and watching the kids sled. How about you? Were you effected by the recent storm?

Just for fun, here are some links to learn more about snow:

Why are snowflakes shaped like that?

Why is snow white?

Other questions and answers about snow:

Why do we put salt on the roads?

Snowflake cutouts

Enjoy, and stay warm!

Together We Save said...

Oh wow - your snow is beautiful!!

More Than Words said...

That's awesome!! It never snows where we love! It hailed a couple of times and we got all!

kailani said...

No snow here but I would love to take the girls somewhere cold for Christmas next year! Stay warm!

sheila said...

Better you than me, lol...we've had our fair share this year. Lovely pics though! BEAUTIFUL! I just love snow.... well, mostly.


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