Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well there it is. Another new header for my blog. No, I'm not crazy about it, but at least there isn't a typo anymore. How tacky was that? A "home educator" with a mispelled word in her blog title?! Thank you to each of you who showed restraint and simply ignored by mistake. It really bothered me. Typos are a pet peeve of mine. So, now I have corrected it, but I got frustrated with Gimp and too tired by 1 AM to manage a better graphic. It needs a branch or something, and I really should add dad in there. For now though, it will have to do. And, I am still planning on making a new blog of these days.

By the way, if you haven't heard, Barnes and Noble and Borders are changing their educator discount programs. Be sure to pick up your new cards and save some money on those back to school books (available to teachers and home educators, see store for details).

And here's another cool link. Ever wonder how stuff is made? I love that show! Check this out: How It's Made

Unknown said...

Wayyyy cool link! Thanks yet again.
And you had better not visit my blog or tweets unless you can refrain from typo chastising. I am the worst with spelling and typo's. :D


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