Mardi Gras!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fat Tuesday is here! Well, almost. I'm trying to get a leg up on blog posts since I have been so busy with work lately (not complaining...oh, so grateful!)
Anyway, if you are in the mood to celebrate you can learn all about the hoopla here. Find lesson plans here and here, though you may need to adjust them to suit your needs.
You'll find all sorts of crafts and printables here. Then, try your hand at making a homemade King Cake with a traditional recipe, one for a bread machine, or Emeril's version.
If you want something simple, try this mask template that you can embellish any way you like. You could easily make some "horns" from paper towel tubes , dig out some old beaded necklaces and have your own mini-parade.

Or, if you want to dig deeper, meander through these links at or read about Mardi Gras' rich history.

As always, please review the content of the above links before sharing them with your kids. Most of the sites I use are kid friendly, but with mardi gras... well you never know and I may have missed something so please check first. Thanks and enjoy! :D


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