Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last weekend we took the kids to the Dinomania exhibit at the Virginia Living Museum. They had an absolute blast, and mom and dad loved it too. We enjoyed exploring the dino habitats and watching the giant animated creatures...it really seemed they were looking at us at times. The kids got to excavate bones in a mini-dig and see the inside mechanics of a robotic dino and practice making it move various body parts.

We also spent a couple of hours wandering around the permanent museum exhibits and watching all the animals in their native habitats. They have everything from beavers to jellyfish to alligators and sharks and more. The Living Museum is by far one of my local favorites. It has lots of hands on learning experiences for kids...they loved petting the spider crab...as well as a planetarium and observation deck.

We ended up purchasing a family membership which offers reciprocal admission to many museums around the country. It's a great deal and I'm sure we'll get our money's worth. If you ever have to opportunity to visit, this museum is a don't miss!
Anonymous said...

My son fell in love with your pictures. He is a huge dinosaur fan and has been one since he was one and a half years old. I wish we had something like that in wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

We love the blog. We are heading to Williamsburg in a few weeks and were trying to narrow our list of must see places. The museum looks like it may be a great place to spend some time. Thanks for the images. We are new to blogging, but we are entering our 5th year homeschooling. We will keep checking on your site. Thanks again.


Alison Kerr said...

It sounds like you had a really great time. Museums were my favorites when the kids were small.


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