Meet the Tarheels

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The hubinator is a huge college football fan. And while watching football is not my favorite pass-time (I'd rather read a book, or blog) I have to admit to getting the fever at a live game. As he was born and raised in NC, dh is a Tarheel fan all the way. Following in his foot steps, my 6 year old, Aiden, has become a fanatic as well. So, when we heard about the "Meet the Tarheels" day at Keenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, of course, we had to go. We donned our best Carolina blue and hit the road singing "Rah rah Carolina" all the way; except for my three year old, who always sings Dave Matthews.
Despite being quite a hot day, it was loads of fun. Chapel Hill is a beautiful place and the UNC campus was a buzz with students returning to school and freshman lugging boxes of books to their dorms. We met some players, had our mini Tarheel helmet autographed and tested our passing arms with the kids on the field. Aiden and hubbie were in heaven and it was a memorable day.


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