Save Your Sour Puss, This is Sweet!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ahhh, summer is here. The weatherman's forecast for the rest of the week was hot, hazy and humid. Sounds to me like a great time to have a lemonade stand. Why not? Everyone is garage sale-ing on weekends to eek out a little extra gas money, the kids are getting out of school and the neighborhood should be a hoppin' with plenty of thirsty passersby. What a fun way to teach the kids to set up shop, market their wares and hone their people skills (with a little math thrown in on the sly). Last fall we had a garage sale and I helped the kids set up a lemonade stand. We also sold brownies and cookies. They had a blast and actually made more money than the "grown ups."

Sunkist is offering free lemonade stand kits, while supplies last, if you pledge to donate your profits to a good cause. (Bonus lesson in philanthropy). And, be sure to check out these free printables to make your stand stupendous. Another site that stands for a good cause, Alex's lemonade.

Whatever you choose, make it fun and make it sweet. Cheers!
This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

We are going to be having a garage sale soon and my daughter always loves to help out. Last year, she had a little snack stand (bottled water and treats) and made some 'fun money' for herself. It was really sweet, watching her. I am looking forward to having her do it again. Thanks for the links-I will definitely check them out.


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