Pan: Chasing the Keeper App Review

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am a children's book lover, and collector and, though I prefer that my kids read paper books, it is nice to sometimes have the convenience and easy-to-travel-with digital versions. 
I was asked to review Pan: Chasing the Keeper by Hullabalu. This is the second book in the Pan adventure series, which continues the journey of Pandora, as she searches for her parents who disappeared on a quest. As she searches, she discovers more about what her parents were after on their quest.

Chasing the Keeper features beautiful, colorful illustrations that come alive. There are loads of interactive elements to discover on each page. You can tap, tilt, shake and swipe to help Pandora on her journey. Tapping different characters and elements reveals additional activities within the story in more than a dozen interactive scenes.

The 14-page long book includes narration in English and word highlighting, helping to build reading skills. This app is recommended for children ages 4+.

Aside from the beautiful illustrations, one of my favorite features of Pan: Chasing the Keeper, is that it does not contain ads or in-app purchases.
While I have not used the previous app in the series, this app was fun to explore. I'm sure having the first part of the story would make it even more interesting. I found that there was plenty to do and for the price it seems like a good value.  I also like that the characters take responsibility for their actions. 
I was a little disappointed that my children didn't take a greater interest in the story, but I think that if they had read the first book in the series, this adventure would have captured their attention to a greater extent. The characters are sweet, fun, the graphics well done and there are many activities to explore in each scene. 

This app requires iOS 6.0 or higher and is available in the app store.



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